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How to grow Super Grass ( Cat Grass )

Firstly, what is Super Grass you may ask, well Super Grass also knows as Cat Grass (catgrass) is a name used to describe a number of different types of grass which are popular with cats. It would appear that there are two main species of grass referred to as cat grass.

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What is Catnip?

It’s Cat Weed, or Cat Acid since it makes them hallucinate¬†causing them to roll around on the floor and paw at invisible birds flying in their vicinity, but why?

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Wet Food vs Dry Food

The age-old Wet Food vs Dry Food argument. You will notice I said argument¬†instead of debate, why you may ask? Well having… talked to various people in the feline industry I have received my fair share of opinions and just downright silly statements that turn this debate into an all out argument.

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