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#Meow: The Most Rugged Kitty of All

May we never forgot these exotic beasts probably have every opportunity to kill us, and do not.

May we always remember they were worshipped in more places than just Egypt. It must be for a reason.

Let us worship ours.

Erik and I decided to do exactly this by providing our luxurious, fur-covered animals with only the best they deserve. A little cat palace is indeed the least we could do for them for all the joy they provide.

Our excitement was barely contained yesterday morning as I heard our palace is on the way. When a truck arrived we thought we had underestimated our space. It was a “What did we get ourselves into?” moment.

Credit to Rugged Kitty’s Facebook Page

I finally had the pleasure of meeting Di from Rugged Kitty. The mastermind behind our work of art. And I thought to myself this is a woman who is just as passionate as us about our cats. I could not have placed this project in the hands of anyone else.

Di was extremely meticulous in the placement of parts and the complete assembling of our very own Rugged Kitty scratcher. Should we ever need more than what we have now, I will be first in line on my way to Di. Absolutely impeccable workmanship. The durability will definitely be tested with these rascals of ours but what from what I can feel it should last a lifetime.

There is no explaining how plush and incredible this scratcher is. Whoever said a scratcher should look industrial, covered with the old carpets we all burned ourselves with at some point in time from an office building, has a thing or two coming their way in the form of Rugged Kitty.

And let me not forget Bubbles and Meow Meow love it too, not only us but I’m nearly sure was it a little bigger, I’d be playing in there too.

Do yourself and your furries a favor by contacting Di – or visit their website.

View more pictures of Bubbles and Meow Meow enjoying their palace on our Facebook Page

 What a luxury a cat is, the moments of shocking and startling pleasure in a day, the feel of the beast, the soft sleekness under your palm, the warmth when you wake on a cold night, the grace and charm even in a quite ordinary workaday puss. Cat walks across your room, and in that lonely stalk you see leopard or even panther, or it turns its head to acknowledge you and the yellow blaze of those eyes tells you what an exotic visitor you have here, in this household friend, the cat who purrs as you stroke, or rub his chin, or scratch his head.