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#Meow: Snuffles for Bubbles

Many times we wonder what on earth will we do when our little fur baby gets sick because vet fees are beyond us average people, so we resort to praying and hoping that they will be perfectly fine for the rest of their lives and the reality is they won’t. 

I was livid to learn that our Bubbles had snuffles and the person I got them from didn’t do anything because they weren’t his cats. But I’m not here to go on an angry rant. So Bubbles got Meow Meow infected with the snuffles as well. Now for those who don’t know snuffles is cat cold and highly contagious at that. And because our kittens are a mere nine weeks, going on ten, it is actually fatal.

Snuffles is also more commonly known as cat flu or cat influenza and it affects your cat’s sinus system. It will cause a blocked nose or a runny nose, watery eyes – perhaps inflamed and swollen, sneezing and a fever. There are of course other symptoms but these are what we experienced. High-density cat populations is a paradise for this virus.

As new cat owners we were more than stumped about what to do. Our kittens don’t have some designated vet on standby (and if you do, please tell me what you did in life so I can follow in your footsteps!)

I started emailing around and asking where I can get this checked out because at the time we weren’t aware of how serious it is and the last thing we wanted was to lose these little ones. I emailed rescue centers by probably half a dozen of them, and only two did the trouble of getting back to me. By the time I got the first email I was ready to jump out of my skin with worry as Bubbles’ condition was worsening and I felt helpless, I couldn’t wait for the weekend, what if it was too late? And I couldn’t work with just guessing because that’s where mistakes come from, and a mistake that could’ve cost us a precious one. And I couldn’t wait for some vet who only works with appointments and would cost more than my tuition probably.

The Animal Anti-Cruelty League was the first to respond, and had the patience to endure my dozens of questions on top of that. The AACL has been protecting and caring for animals since 1956 for people who can’t afford medical treatment for their pets. They are truly a non-profit organization and are obliged by law from the vet council to help only those who honestly can’t afford it. Do give them a ring to see if you qualify for welfare and they will assist you.

I’m proud to be associated with them because they are kind, generous and altruistic. I never thought I would say that this kind of experience was a pleasant one. But I felt welcomed and I could see they cared and I’m sure Meow Meow and Bubbles felt the same way. They got the help they needed at an affordable price and it was the greatest relief of our lives.

I want to say thank you to the AACL and their team, not only the one in Bellville that helped me but all the rest of the branches and also the very kind person who corresponded with me via email. Your work  is amazing and I will always be grateful to the help I got and to know we have somewhere to go when the chips are down.

It is our duty to protect and care for our kittens and cats as ForeverHumans. Make sure you know your options for when your dearest gets sick. Rather be safe than sorry.