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#Meow: Growing Up

Where to begin. Due to life doing what life does best we where away from the blogging for a while, but we are back now. I guess I’ll need to give some feedback a little where are they now post to get everyone up to speed, we’ll they’re here and they poop more than they did before I can tell you that much.


Meow Meow and Bubbles are growing into two beautiful cats a true blessing as they are filled to the brim with distinct personalities of their own coupled with an incredible beauty, of which they are fully aware. I’ve caught both of them looking at themselves in the mirror more than once. In fact bubbles has this ritual each night when he will meow adorably and look at himself in my pc monitors reflection almost as if he is checking if he is still real and still a cat like Carly says. It’s an adorable sight to witness maybe I’ll catch it on video next time although both of them are quite aware of camera’s and quickly put on a flamboyant personality for the camera, like clockwork.

Bubbles is growing into a cat of note regarding size, not fat or anything like that no I’m talking about sheer structure of awe. He’s quite a majestic animal to observe up close and he knows exactly how to portray that persona. In fact he’s walking all over my keyboard as I’m typing here trying to persuade me to pet him, but my will is strong.

*15 minutes later. 

Okey I gave in. He was just too adorable and I had to give him the attention he wanted. He loves it, Meow Meow wasn’t far away as you can imagine since these two are always side by side so ended up giving ample attention to both.

Poop scooping on the other hand. Eish.