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#Meow: First Impressions

I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for quite some time, but it’s been a hectic past few days and just couldn’t get the time. Finally I have some time on my hands accompanied by little Meow Meow on my desk. Well without further ado here is my first impression of the adoption.

Wow where do I even begin, for these of you who’ve been following our posts for the past few weeks would’ve noticed I sticked more to the scientific posts whilst Carly was the one handling the emotional side of things. For the most part this was because well she is a lady and I’m a guy hehe so anyway here is my long overdue attempt to put my emotions into words.

Last week Friday, a day before the adoption I felt very strange, like everything was so surreal, I didn’t actually think the day will come that I would get these two kittens, it was like a little dream. Then later that day I started setting everything up, the litter boxes, the food area, the toys and the Drinkwell water fountain, that’s when it hit me. This is real, this is about to happen, I’m about to be a ForeverHuman, I am about to be the provider for these two kittens for the rest of their life!

Kitten looking out the window
Meow Meow contemplating about life

Think about that for a second, It means I am all these kittens will have, I am the only chance they have at life, I am the human that will make up their eternity.

People think that saving one cat doesn’t change the world, but what so few of us truly fathom is that although saving that one cat might not change the world, surely it’s world has been changed forever.

Friday night I decided to go to bed early, because I am expecting quite a big change of life the next day, but that thought did not last long as the excitement inside of my soul could not be contained. I just could not sleep at all, so I got up went to the living room and switched on the TV and started watching The Office until my eyes could not stay open anymore.

Not really sure how I got to bed or if I even were in bed for that matter, because if I recall correctly then I slept on the couch Friday night midway through season 5 episode 8 of The Office.

Saturday morning arrived with sunlight breaking my eyes, I slept a bit late since I stayed up till who knows when Friday night/morning. As the day started developing I got more and more excited messaging Carly constantly where she is, if she has the kittens yet, when will she have it, when do I see them just all over her in anticipation for little Meow Meow and Bubbles.

After a lot of bugging Carly finally had the kittens in her possession and sent me a photo on whatsapp. I don’t think I would have survived much longer if she hadn’t used whatsapp to sent me some pictures since the excitement was flowing over!

picture of two kittens sleeping
The First Picture!

These are the first images I received from her, little Meow Meow and bubbles fast asleep in their Cat Carrier. So much Cute!

Bubbles where sick when we got him he has snuffels ( commonly known as Cat Flu ) and his right eye was swollen very severely which scared the hell out of me, because here I am adopting two puny small little kittens  and already I need to get vet care to save his life. I was terrified, Meow Meow seemed fine at the time, but he later on got snuffels too from Bubbles so I have two sick kittens at the moment.

human with kittens

Besides the illnesses both of them are amazing, I have the scratch marks to show for it hehe, at first they were a little bit afraid as they explored their new home, shaking from time to time they managed to explore the living room and quickly adjusted to their new home and most importantly to their two ForeverHumans me and Carly, they love her, they absolutely love her, but then again, so do I so it’s not too hard to see why they are so crazy about her presence.

They love me too, but I think bubbles has a weird foot fetish, because he eats my foot when I am not looking and Meow Meow is a psychopath. Meow Meow will stalk you per blink, in other words, if I stare at him he will pounce closer each time I blink slowly until a point where I open my eyes and his cute little death machine paw is in my eye.

two kittens playing
Bubbles the acrobat

I think the biggest adjustment to me was facing my biggest fear in the whole wide world. You know when you watch scary movies the one thing that gets anybody scared as shit is that hand slowly reaching, reaching and then emerge from under the bed and grabbing the victim by the ankles.

That’s my life now except it’s not a monster… It’s a cat paw, cute tiny paw ahh so cute. Still scary as f*ck, but cute.

You’re laying in bed with your feet dangling out of the covers. You KNOW this is a horror movie about to happen since you are anticipating the hand grabbing your feet, well true as bob, little tiny paw is there to make your fears come to life.

That reminds me of a book I read so many years ago in which a paragraph read: “I always thought my cat had a staring problem, she always seemed fixated on my face. Until one day, when I realized that she was always looking just behind me.”

Anyhow all scary movie reenactments aside having these two bundles of fur in my home is something I just cannot portray in words. I am their ForeverHuman I am the human that will receive their eternal love on a daily basis.

KittensThat reminds me! Poop, oh dammit how I hate poop and with two of these little kittens poop happens a lot, which means I am cleaning up poop a lot! In the beginning it was a little terrifying and I didn’t think I was ready for this at all. Now I am the poop master I clean out poop whilst watching The Office, petting Bubbles and entertaining Meow Meow with his toy.

Sleeping however changed, I now own 10% of the bed, I used to own the entire double bed, but I’m on 10% now with Meow Meow cuddling up to my face and Bubbles sleeping either in my hand ( Weirdly ) or very very very close to my arm, like uncomfortably close. So yea, I now sleep half awake since I don’t want to squash these tiny bundles of luv.

I made the mistake of showing Bubbles the counter top once, something I now regret four days later, because now I cannot eat or work in private anymore, this also changed the way I watch TV, I now watch TV with Meow Meow giving me a bath by licking my face and Bubbles protecting me from invisible threats by pouncing my every movement. Try grabbing the remote… You don’t own that remote anymore.

All in all, best decision I’ve ever made, to come home from a hard day at work to be greeted by a adorable *Meow* is truly out of this world!


If you have any tips or related experiences regarding the first few days from adopting a new cat or kitten please feel free to leave a reply below, I’d like to hear all about it!