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#Meow: A walk with Bubbles

It has become widely popular to walk with your little feline companion on a leash like a dog but is it the best idea?

20160903_182512My significant other and I decided to invest in cat leashes. And let me tell you these aren’t just your normal leashes: picture a harness, bright purple, geared with reflective strips.

Our excitement mounted, nearly reaching jumping-up-and-down status as we left the shops with our brand new purchases. Knowing we live with our little ones inside most of the time there was nothing better than the prospect of giving them their freedom… Under our supervision of course with safety precautions being the harnesses.

I was the one to walk with Bubbles. I thought I was better off, walking with the more outgoing of our cats and soon realizing he does actually walk with the harness.

I thought I hit the jackpot, I was quite impressed. It was slow going at first. Bubbles just wanted to lie down or growl at inanimate objects such as cars and pipes that carry the scent of other cats. And then he would basically scream at Meow Meow if they were close enough to each other at which point I would proceed to calm him down and move him away to a reasonable and safe distance.


However, it turned out to be a dangerous endeavor when I tried to calm Bubbles down later in our walk and he lashed out at me and I sustained the injuries as shown above. Cat nails are no joke. The swelling and the blue discoloration have at least gone away to the greater degree.

This is definitely something we can work on. We did not take pictures on our first walk as we were too excited and it seemed to require all our attention anyway. Pictures will be taken next time I promise.

If you’re thinking about walking your cat do take it slow. Remember your cat is used to doing whatever he pleases,  how he pleases,  when he pleases and a harness is a complete violation but don’t give up hope. If I haven’t, you don’t need to either. Even if Bubbles went a little crazy and embedded his nails in my skin I look forward to walking with him again.