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#Meow: A soon arrival

Just a few short days are separating us from welcoming home Meow Meow and Bubbles. Somehow my excitement has been overshadowed by a bundle of nerves to such a degree that I found it hard to breathe earlier today.

And I had to ask myself if I was ready for this. The answer undoubtedly was yes. So what was wrong with me?

A solemn and exciting reality is settling over my life. It’s a big change and life altering, not just to us but to these kittens as well. The debate rages on on how cats perceive time. They of course have their natural habits, getting hungry and sensing that their human should be home soon. They don’t wear watches or check the time (even though a swinging pendulum of a grandfather clock may fascinate them) but they do have an estimate of time by adjusting to our own perception of time.

They’ll be with us for the rest of their lives. It’s forever to them. And many people don’t realize just how long their forever is. It’s their whole life and they don’t even get to choose it. We exert this incredible power as the “superior” being not seeing how it affects others. The least we can do then is treat our little fur children with respect and unconditional love as we would like ourselves.

My nerves are shot and getting through the next few days until I have them in my arms feels like I’m trying to cross a chasm. I may be mentally prepared but are we physically. The concerns of having all the details right. Are the toys safe? Are all the harmful chemicals and substances out of the way? Do we have enough blankets and safe places for them? It’s a checklist running on a continuous loop through my head. It’s the same as new parents awaiting the birth and arrival of their newborn.

And as this Monday drew to a close and the sun illuminated my little writing corner I could feel my nerves dissipate like mist, leaving my pure elation. Soon, very soon, I’ll be fulfilling my position as a Forever Human.