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#Meow: A New Adventure

Living in a relatively small space with two cats can get a little uncomfortable, not only for us but for them as well.


Meow Meow

Tensions can run high when they invade our space (more often than not sitting on our laptop if we try to work or lying down on our hands whilst using the mouse.) These adorable little buggers do not understand that albeit they are so cute when they seek my attention, their ForeverHumans need some focus time now and again.


This being said, my significant other and I realized that there really is only so much space for all of us, and hence we thought of solutions to maximise this for both our comfort levels. Probably more ours than theirs.

One of the things we learned in our search for space is that our cats need climbing space and playing space. Having seen how they love their scratch post and the little


platform on top, we decided we need something… a little bigger.

Meow Meow and Bubbles with their beloved scratch post


Erik heard of a place called Rugged Kitty that makes anything from simple to extravagant scratch posts. I say “scratch posts” but these are more like little kitty palaces should you wish it to be.

The service from Mrs Du Preez who runs this establishment is impeccable. She was patient with our five hundred emails of questions and accommodated us as well as our cats.


We are hoping this will relieve them of any built up energy and give them some illusion of space as best as we can.

Our incredibly large and customized play scratcher is arriving on Saturday and we are nearly bursting at the seams with excitement. Bubbles and Meow Meow will not have a clue what hit them when they see this thing.

Stay tuned for pictures and comments on our new adventure.