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#Meow: A neutered cat is a happy cat

For anyone who spoke to us in the past few months would have heard that the cats were making us insane. It was absolute hell living with them. We didn’t know how to go on.

It was quite a while before I could make an appointment to get them neutered. And looking back it is definitely something we should have done much earlier. Before we knew it we were sitting with cats from hell. So literally that
we dubbed Meow Meow “Little Satan”.

Erik, of course, suffered the most and still I don’t know how he held out when I was ready to give them up after a few nights of staying with them. But I knew I made a commitment and there had to be a way to fix it.

I wanted to neuter the cats but Erik was in two minds. I could understand his concern as a male; having their masculinity taken away like that must have felt too close to home. However, there was nothing else I could think of anymore.

It had reached the point where I was up for hours with them at night, sometimes 3am to 5am, sometimes longer. I was drained but Erik needed sleep and the cats needed to be quiet for all of our sanity.

The morning of the neutering seemed to stall its arrival. I was harried and felt like a train had smashed me. I was happy to have them out of the house for the day quite honestly. A terrible thing to say but the struggle was beyond anything I had ever experienced.

When we got them at first we wished for beautiful little cats. And that is what we got… Until they turned into raging, hormonal, teenage devils. It was not giving us any of the pleasures of being ForeverHumans. You want a cuddle? That is not what you will get! You will get your hands and your feet and your face chewed off in your sleep. You want a cute little meowing kitty? That is not what you will get! You will get perpetual wailing while you try to sleep.

When we got them back from the AACL we were fingers crossed and blessed with some silence as they were still groggy from the operation. We knew it would be a while before the hormones worked themselves out of the body but we wished and prayed for a miracle.

Somewhere along the lines our prayers were answered as the meowing stopped at all hours and we hardly get attacked now unless they’re playing. I know it’s still the same cats but they are angels now. Adorably loving and sleeps by us most nights. They’re just an improved version of themselves and I can hardly believe a simple neutering was the answer. It’s been about three weeks since they were neutered and it’s finally a pleasure again to have them around.

Watching them sleep together as I type this my heart swells with affection for them (and my significant other for making it possible for us to have them).

Fellow fur owners should know there is always a solution, don’t give up even when the situation seems dire. I feel horrified at the thought of someone else taking care of them if it ever reached that stage. It is my duty as a ForeverHuman to give them the home I promised when I got them. Through the good times and the bad.