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#Meow: Kittens poop a lot

Holy smoly, Initially when we decided to adopt Meow Meow and Bubbles, the thought of poop and poop cleaning never really occurred to me. Now that I am cleaning poop on a daily basis I realized this is not a fun activity, so my fellow ForeverHumans, are you ready to clean poop? Are you? Are you really? I mean poop sucks.

Adoption Pro tip: “Cleaning poop. Are you up for it?

When we got them as you know by following our blog, they were sick and their day to day activities mainly consisted of eating, pooping, very little playing, sleeping and then repeat. Back then, two weeks ago they didn’t poop that much, they pooped, but not much compared to now.

Kittens playing with toys
This is the poop generator

Oh and there was the night when Meow Meow pooped on me since he had Diarrhea as a reaction to the medicine he was receiving for snuffels. I poop you not! I was laying on my couch with Bubbles who was eating my foot and the next moment little Meow Meow jumped up and crawled himself into my neck and started sleeping or so I thought. His butt was facing my neck and torso and at the time I did not think much of it until I smelled something very very very bad  ( Cat poop is not a pleasant fragrance ), I realized straight away that, that smell is Meow Meow’s butt, so I immediately picked him up to put him in the litter box and then it happened midway as I am picking him up across my body this little methane machine started producing poop at a rate that will make the government look like amateurs.

cats sleeping on each other
After the pooping

So that was my lowest point, I was prepared for everything, but being pooped on… I wish no one of you will have to endure such a disaster. Funny thing is I wasn’t even thinking of cleaning me first, I grabbed the little poop covered bubbles, yea that’s right the trajectory of Meow Meow’s poop hit bubbles too, so I grabbed him turned on the shower to medium cold and jumped in with Bubbles, He hated me for it, but as a ForeverHuman those are the sacrifices one must make. I had to force clean him against his will, but it was for the better.

Fast Forward to the present, I now clean poop like a master, I am so skilled in poop cleaning, I clean poop with my one hand, entertaining bubbles with my other hand, amusing Meow Meow with my toes whilst watching Parks and Recreation.

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