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#Meow: A New Adventure

Living in a relatively small space with two cats can get a little uncomfortable, not only for us but for them as well.

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Snowball: the Star Witness Cat

When it comes to crime fighting and in general, dogs have always stolen the limelight as police dogs and more so the old adage: “Dogs are a man’s best friend.” I can’t refute the fact that dogs are loyal companions but I do feel Snowball the cat deserves a whole lot of recognition for solving a murder – even if she did not know it.

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War: The cats who changed history

It might not be the well-known fact to the general public, but cats play an incredible role during war. This is especially true during the first and second world war where over 500 000 cats were deployed to the trenches and thousands more to army basis and the navy. From the allied cats and the Red Army all the way to the swasticats, cats are the true unsung heroes of the first and second world war.

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Allergies: Have your cat and live with him too

As someone who had never been afflicted by allergies of any kind, it never even crossed my mind the number of people living with pets and somehow managing an array of symptoms from it as well. I had recently come into contact with someone who told me they developed an allergy for cats and dogs where she never had one. And it fascinated me so, here I am writing about it.

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5 Plants Cats Love

If you have an indoor cat you probably know by now that having plants inside the house is normally not a good idea, because lil’meow or miss Sunshine find it delightful to gnaw, scratch and paw at the various houseplants often resulting in your expensive, exotic plant to be destroyed. It might be the scent, curiosity or just plain boredom; instead of seeing your plant suffer the fate of the curious claw, rather plant one of the following 7 plants that our cats love and you’ll enjoy.

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Grumpy Cat: The internet sensation

The cat that captured our hearts and provided us with endless entertainment will not soon be forgotten. The hundreds of pictures circulating Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is a long lasting phenomena in a world of short lived fetishes. Hence my fascination lead me to writing this and to reveal a completely different cat than one I thought I knew.

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7 Things about your cat’s anatomy


Humans are visual creatures, so it is natural that we know what our cats look like. But do we know why they look like they do? Has our innate curiosity faltered us? You may think you know your cat’s anatomy and of course some of it is obvious but here is seven parts of your cat’s body explained.

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5 Myths about cats

Cats are one of the most popular pets in South Africa; they are intelligent, affectionate. mysterious little creatures. Despite this popularity — and perhaps because of their air of mystery — there are many misconceptions about the feline species like Cats steals a baby’s breath. Here is the 5 most common myths about cats.

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