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Allergies: Have your cat and live with him too

As someone who had never been afflicted by allergies of any kind, it never even crossed my mind the number of people living with pets and somehow managing an array of symptoms from it as well. I had recently come into contact with someone who told me they developed an allergy for cats and dogs where she never had one. And it fascinated me so, here I am writing about it.

Allergies are a common thing in today’s society. It’s more likely than not to meet someone who has an allergy of some sort than to meet someone without. The cause for allergies have long been studied and is simply explained as your body overreacting to an allergen  (like your cat or dog) but it still mystifies us when we see our friendly neighbor John living sneeze and cough free with his two dogs and three cats. So, why you?

It goes without saying that if we knew what suddenly flipped the switch on the allergy we could probably reverse it as well. Naturally, it would come as a shock to find you have allergies from nowhere, but as an adult allergies fall relatively low on the spectrum of things you can contract – so perhaps relief is in order.

Cat allergies are caused by flakes from Mittens’ skin, called dander, not his fur, so even if Mittens is a Sphynx, you are still at risk. To be a little more specific, people are allergic to a cat protein called FEL-d1, found in dander and saliva. No-one is born with an allergy however, they develop in some people from exposure.

There are a few ways to go about handling your allergies. What follows is a list of cost-effective ways to limit allergies within your home:

  1. Wash your bedding frequently to clear it of any dander that might have settled there.
  2. Wash your hands and avoid touching your face after playing with or being in contact with your cat.
  3. Regular cleaning and vacuuming can help. Be weary of carpets as they trap dander. Also, make sure to wash your clothing in warm water to clean of any dander.
  4. Washing your cat. Now, this may be a death wish to some. Luckily even a damp cloth to the skin can help. Some pet stores even have towelettes for this reason.
  5. Making sure your cat is healthy by giving them vitamin supplements- this will limit the shedding of dander and ultimately help your cause.
  6. An air filter/purifier may just be a good investment for trapping not only dander but dust mites as well.

There is a lot of talk about getting shots for your allergies, but this is an expensive route and one that will chain you to your doctor’s doorstep for months and years. This also does not work for everyone.

Antihistamines are available over the counter but they cause fatigueness and even those that claim to not make you drowsy is not guaranteed.

This may take a lot of trial and error but do not lose hope dear compatriot as scientists are working on getting us a long term fix. We all deserve the love of our little furry friends. Hopefully, some of these tips will help you, causing a happy foreverhuman and Mittens.

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