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Month: July 2016

#Meow: Growing Up

Where to begin. Due to life doing what life does best we where away from the blogging for a while, but we are back now. I guess I’ll need to give some feedback a little where are they now post to get everyone up to speed, we’ll they’re here and they poop more than they did before I can tell you that much.

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#Meow: Long overdue adventures

I realize more and more that time passes so quickly. One moment I may be sitting with my loved ones and the next moment they’re gone. As is the same with our furry friends. We spend so much time just knowing they are there and that is enough, until they are gone and we realize that it was not. We should’ve petted them more, held them more and kissed them more even if they squirm away like you are the devil yourself. No amount of wishing or money can give them the love you wished you did when they were still around. I understand this is a lot more serious than our normal fun banter and an odd way to make a comeback after so many weeks. But I have been spending my time with my little (not so little) Meow Meow and Bubbles instead of writing.

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