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Month: November 2015

7 common litter box mistakes

I thought about writing this post just to help our fellow ForeverHumans by putting something concrete out there regarding cat litter boxes think of it as a sort of litter box 101 if you will, but the problem with this is that the whole litter box saga is sort of like the Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole, but filled with poop instead, because you’re constantly digging and digging and digging and digging and there’s just more stuff and more stuff.

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#Meow: Kittens poop a lot

Holy smoly, Initially when we decided to adopt Meow Meow and Bubbles, the thought of poop and poop cleaning never really occurred to me. Now that I am cleaning poop on a daily basis I realized this is not a fun activity, so my fellow ForeverHumans, are you ready to clean poop? Are you? Are you really? I mean poop sucks.

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#Meow: First Impressions

I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for quite some time, but it’s been a hectic past few days and just couldn’t get the time. Finally I have some time on my hands accompanied by little Meow Meow on my desk. Well without further ado here is my first impression of the adoption.

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#Meow: Snuffles for Bubbles

Many times we wonder what on earth will we do when our little fur baby gets sick because vet fees are beyond us average people, so we resort to praying and hoping that they will be perfectly fine for the rest of their lives and the reality is they won’t. 

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Praise don’t Punish

Why do we feel the need to physically harm our kitten, cat or any other pet for that matter when they display unwanted behavior? Is it because we were spanked as children and we believe there is nothing wrong with it?

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Fulfilling the needs of your indoor cat

Keeping a cat permanently indoors away from all the potential hazards outside may sound like the ideal solution, however you should be very cautious and measure up the change you are about to make against the needs of that particular cat.

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How to grow Super Grass ( Cat Grass )

Firstly, what is Super Grass you may ask, well Super Grass also knows as Cat Grass (catgrass) is a name used to describe a number of different types of grass which are popular with cats. It would appear that there are two main species of grass referred to as cat grass.

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#Meow: A soon arrival

Just a few short days are separating us from welcoming home Meow Meow and Bubbles. Somehow my excitement has been overshadowed by a bundle of nerves to such a degree that I found it hard to breathe earlier today.

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What is Catnip?

It’s Cat Weed, or Cat Acid since it makes them hallucinate causing them to roll around on the floor and paw at invisible birds flying in their vicinity, but why?

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