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How to grow Super Grass ( Cat Grass )

Firstly, what is Super Grass you may ask, well Super Grass also knows as Cat Grass (catgrass) is a name used to describe a number of different types of grass which are popular with cats. It would appear that there are two main species of grass referred to as cat grass.

Cat munching some grassDactylitis Glomerata (also known as Cock’s-foot or Orchard Grass) and Avena sativa (commonly known as oat grass, cat oat grass or oat sprout). Other common “types” of grass that are often referred to as cat grass” includes the likes of barley and wheat grass.

Cat grass doesn’t give your cats a high like Catnip would and since they are strict carnivores they lack the necessary enzymes to break down vegetable/plant matter so as with so many things about our feline companions, there is no definitive answer as to why cats like to eat grass.

I do have some theories, well it’s a collection of my own and general theories that I have heard speaking to people in the cat community, my theory is;

Evolutionary, since cats are little mini ferocious killing machines who will eat a little birdy feathers, bones and all. These killing machines will devour edible and inedible parts which would result in the cat having indigestible matter in it’s body that it needs to get rid off and as we know cats regurgitate when they eat grass. Now I don’t think they enjoy throwing up, but it’s a small price to pay than to live with bones, feathers and hairballs stuck in it’s digestive tract.

Eating grass is typically not harmful. If you have an outdoor cat though, you wouldn’t want her/him eating grass that has been chemically treated.

The safest way to provide grass for your cat to nibble on is to grow your own, so lets jump right into it.

What will you need?
Seeds, you’ll need seeds, I don’t have seeds, but I have the next best thing Kunduchi Super Grass which I bought from VetzCare in Tygervalley ( very nice service btw ).

Cat grass Wheat Grass Oat Grass Super Grass

So, what is Kunduchi Super Grass, it’s essentially a grow kit, making it easier for people without big gardens to still add some green to their kittens life especially indoor cats like ours. It comes in its own little container and then you simply make some holes in the bottom and then water it each day whilst leaving it out in the sun to soak up some nutrients from the sun’s rays.

How do you grow it?

  • Turn the container upside down and then pierce 5 – 6 holes in the base of the container.
  • Turn it back and then remove the lid.
  • Water daily and let it stand in the window we let it stand inside the lid which acts like a little water cather so it doesn’t spill.
  • Ready to be munched by lil’kitten when it’s 7 to 10cm tall which is about within 7 days.

The Progress

Day 1

Day 1 of the cat grass growth

Day 5

cat grass wheat grass oat grass cock's foot

dense cat grass with a little kitten eating it
This is the density I want

Now my next idea is to buy the actual seeds like a bag of the stuff and then buy another litter box but instead of putting litter inside it I will plant cat grass, I will plant it very densely as we can see from the image above the ready made grow kits that you buy doesn’t pack a punch as to what could be when you plant it yourself.

I think it will be pretty cool especially in an apartment where cats can’t really explore outside like they would if they were in a residential house.

Just a small disclaimer to take note off, normally, the amount of grass consumed by a cat is small. Some cats, however, will over-eat grass, regardless of the type or where it is grown. If this occurs infrequently, it is not likely to be a problem. If the behavior persists, it may be an indicator of a physical problem that requires attention. If you observe frequent binge eating of grass, we recommend consulting with your veterinarian.

If you have some Cat Grass DIY projects that you did then feel free to leave a comment below I would like to hear from you and catch some ideas, alternatively send us an Email on